Tuesday, December 28, 2010


i am tired............heart is being pressed like gonna bursted...........but who knows....?

God..i need you....badly...please stay with me :(

Monday, December 27, 2010

That's It.

Great , just great...you guys are amazing , when i tried my best devoting myself into how to make the event better...what are you guys doing? dreaming? sleeping? WHO CARES

I already followed the theme and planned to give you guys alot of time to talk and share feelings , and then? you cant even follow a simple order i planned? when we go out you just sit there like a statue , when we went for sports you just sitting there like your leg is broken....when we want to take photos , you would ignore us and do what you want...

If this is what you want from here...let me tell you one thing , STFU and GET LOST.

You guys made this , and i am done with it , if that's all you guys got , please , get lost from my life.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Alone at home :D

weeeeeeee~ im at home alone again xD for some people it may seem normal but to me it's kind of a rare case :D since my grandparents always stay at home i could rarely taste the feeling of staying alone at home :D

It's really good~ it feels like this home is mine ONLY XD

well~~~~~~ last time i experienced this is this year's Chinese New Year...kinda long O.O

not that emo anyway :P


Friday, December 17, 2010

Life without Facebook

Ever since i stopped facebook ....i got huge amount of time to do other stuffs~~~ i can play other things i never have chance to...i can hang out with my friends more :D and i can play games that require time costing too~~~~

This is the life without facebook :3

i can chat happily with buddies with MSN now...i wont busy doing stuff at facebook anymore :D

this picture is a little small..but it's a 100 flags record of Plant VS Zombie Survival ( Endless )

i began to enjoy the life without facebook....time started to become me to control :)

thats all Cheers~

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Disabling Facebook Accounts

First i wanna say...i have 2 accounts...so that's why theres a S over there.

Second , Facebook , to me has become tiring...i couldn't stand people playing Facebook and ignoring others , while they might have some problems or anything , which need your assistance and YOU , who are enjoying the Facebook and leave him / her to dead himself / herself....WTH is with that? So before i become one of them , i stopped it myself , temporarily or maybe permanent.

3rd , I don't like that stupid guy who suicided just because he got dumbed by his girlfriend , he doesn't precious his life given by God , Hilarious....and people are admiring him...this world is totally sick...and who helped the news to spread? Facebook.....Satan is using it and while many of others are unaware....Foolish.

I'm not saying one person only...there's way too many but i am not going to name them out. thats all~


Monday, November 29, 2010


These days , my heart wish to leave everything aside and go somewhere...all by myself.

Do anything i want....think anything i wish~

but....it's kinda lonely if im all alone

I don't know , but God surely knows xD

thats all~ cheers

Friday, November 26, 2010

Life isn't goes round all the times

Ever since i became a Christian , my life has changed dramatically .....i had more friends , my appearance changes....my personalities , my thoughts....everything changed....indeed it seems everything turns good...but not really , I become a Christian , is not because i want all the benefits Gods gave us , but wanted believe in Him and obey Him.

True , my life is so much better than before , but there's still so much challenges , Satan is really bad , wanted to destroy my bond with God . But luckily i wont break it even i die....so no matter what unfortunate things happened....i'll pray and believe in God...after that i'll earn the rewards from Him :3

but still......Sometimes it's really unbearable , i often wanna cry....wanna escape...wanna sleep and never wake up...but i know , thats not the right way to deal with things...i should face them....but now....i hardly have the power to do that....God , lead my path :/